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The US Citizenship & Immigration Service will begin accepting applications from eligible applicants for the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (‘DACA’) within ninety (90) days and the new Deferred Action Parents (‘DAP’) within one-hundred eighty (180) days from the President’s announce on November 14, 2014 of the new existing Executive Action ‘Immigration Accountability’ program.

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The Law Office of Brian T. O’Neill is a specialized Immigration Law practice, exclusively dedicated to representing individuals and corporate clients throughout the United States and World-wide.

Why choose us?

Many individuals or multi-national corporations, from all over the world wish to immigrate (either permanently or temporarily) to the United States. How to enter the United States remains the biggest challenge. Our team have broken down the various ways that an individual or company can immigrate to the USA. We define the pros and cons for each method and therefore ensure that correct decision is made for you, your family, employees, companies, etc., as you plan to relocate to the USA. Our clients have access to the substantial legal experience and counseling of each member of our firm. We are a team which strives to offer professional, creative, and strategic problem solving on behalf of each of our clients and have shown extraordinary success for thousands of clients.

What types of immigration matters can the firm handle?

There is no limit to the type of immigration service the firm can provide. We represent clients before the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) regarding US Citizenship; Immigrant Visas/Green Cards; family sponsored visas; student and training visas before the US Department of State (US Consulates); visitor visas, business visas; Passports and renewal before the State Department; Consulate Processing before the US Consulates from abroad; Deportation Removal and Defense before the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) or the Immigration Court for Bond, Removal, Adjustment of Status, Criminal matters; proceedings before the Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) involving representation at the Port of entry or actions involving deferred inspection; matters before the US Customs and Enforcement (USICE) involving custody and detention of clients; representation involving Motions to reopen and reconsider and/or appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and/or the Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU) of the US Department of Labor, US State and Federal Circuit Courts and any administrative agency relating to client immigration due process rights and any other etc.

At the Law Offices of Brian T. O’Neill, we offer high quality, professional services globally, and are accessible by email at any time of day, seven days a week. Modern telecommunications and the Internet allow the firm to connect globally and when requested, we will travel to meet with and personally represent clients anywhere.

To speak with any of our Immigration Legal Team about any personal or business immigration matters or concerns, please contact our offices at 617-722-4000 or contact us online.

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I am counsel for a rapid growth software company that was recently acquired by Google. During periods of high employee growth, my company hired multiple foreign nationals and I needed a firm that was able to process visa & green card applications with very short notice. I retained Brian O'Neill, Jr. in 2001 based on a recommendation from a colleague. I was immediately impressed with how the firm handled my matters and since 2001 I have used them exclusively for immigration matters. Brian has processed countless visa and green card applications with a 100% success rate. I have since referred friends and colleagues to Brian O'Neill, Jr. and Brian O'Neill, Sr. and I have no hesitation in providing a testimonial as they are experts in immigration related matters.

Craig Stelmach, Business Manager at ITA Software, Inc. Cambridge MA